10 Things You Should Not Do While Exercising


While you are exercising, you should not get too enthused, you should not ignore the pain, don’t look sideways and don’t full whole grains. Ten mistakes which fixing will make your life easy while exercising and even prevent injury

1-Getting Too Enthused

The mistake
After years of lack of activity you go back to exercise too much or too strong. If until today you mainly sat on the couch, do not expect your body to adjust to your whims in a minute. It is important and correct to exercise, but it is important to do so gradually and allow the body to adjust to the change.

Getting over existed might cause too much strain, pain and injury. Pain will make you think twice before starting the next session.

What is the correct way?
Start with two sessions per week, make sure the effort is moderated. Gradually increase the strain and frequency.

2-Ignoring the Pain

The mistake
You ignore pain you feel while exercising or after, in the hope that it will go away on its own. On that Eyal Amon, the professional manager of a gym franchise, says “Pain is the body’s way to communicate with us in its own language and inform us of a problem”. He says you should not ignore the pain, especially if it lasts more than 24 hours. Lasting pain may indicate an inflammation or some other problem which requires a visit to the doctor.

What is the correct way?
If the pain causes a diminish in performance, if it is sharp and sudden and if it increases and doesn’t fade, this is a sign you should cease exercising and rest. If the pain lingers for a few days, you should go to see the proper professionals – physiotherapists or sports doctors.

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