Workout Tips and Reminders for Women ✔


Workout Reminders for Women

A lot of women believe that when they workout, they will get a body that of a man. With the fear of looking bulky and man-like, women tend to forget working out altogether and just go for diets. It’s time to erase those stereotypical beliefs that women should not workout or lift heavy weights. Here are some workout reminders for women who want to get into their best shape:

:white_check_mark: Start with the Basics - there is no need to rush when you want to do it right – workout at your own pace. Do not be afraid, however, of using dumbbells or barbells for exercise when you feel comfortable with it.

:white_check_mark: Workout Alone - a lot of women believe that they need to be with friends or in a group in order to workout. Zumba, aerobics and other group exercises can also be done alone.

:white_check_mark: Doing Less Cardio – cardiovascular exercises can help you lose weight, but that can hit the ceiling. Cardio also isn’t the only way of burning fat. Instead of spending more than an hour on a cardio machine, you may also try other exercises.

:white_check_mark: Strength Training – women tend to steer clear of lifting weights, but more so when it comes to lifting heavy weights. Men and women’s body are wired differently. Strength training will actually help your body not only look sexier, it can also give your body curves and definition.

We hope that this will help you gain a different insight in exercising and working out.


For those of you who have never worked out in their lives or never went jogging, I have an impressive story to tell. There was this woman who could barely move anymore. She walked out of the house one day and started running. She stopped one block after because she was exhausted, but she continued to do this every day. Day by day she ran more and more. She felt happy and lost a lot of weight, seeing her attempt as an accomplishment every day. This doesn’t apply to those of you who just want to be skinnier and have a toned body. However, the point is that any workout is better than none.


Strength training is valuable because muscles help you burn fat better than anything else.


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