Why do you want to lose weight?


Clearly we are all here because we want to lose weight. My question is, why do you want to lose weight? You don’t like the way you look? Is your health in danger? Are you losing weight for yourself or others?


This is a really good question, Ashley! Unfortunately I think the majority of us want to lose weight in order to look better and feel better in our own skin.


I’ve heard an inspirational story today. So there’s this chick who gets slim for her boyfriend, right? Things go bad between them, but years later she’s still slim ahaha


I get tired easily. I also sweat a lot. I don’t feel comfortable in certain clothes anymore.


Last time I had some problems with my health. So for recovery I need to lose some weight. During my last medical ultrasound examination on new equipment like this https://bimedis.com/search/search-items/medical-imaging-equipment-ultrasound-equipment doctor prescribed me diet and fitness.


good Question, obesity it’s dangerous for our health, losing weight diets, exercises are the way to lose that weight. human body is a great, but we are destroying it. so the reason Why I want to lose weight is keep my health good for long, good shape, nice thinking.

Thanks for asking :slight_smile:


To be healthy and can wear any type of clothes.