What motivates us to go on diet?


Hi there!
Im sure we all have reasons why we are on diet.
Can you share yours?


Aside from the most obvious reason to go on a diet that motivates most people , that is a better physical appearance , I find the most effective motivation for me is the way eating right makes me feel. It is like a small cogwheel in a series of interactions that starts to make the whole “machine” work better in general.

For example eating foods full of nutrients gives you energy , so you work-out more or better and your mind performs much more efficiently. You become better at your work , you can manage your relations with other people better and you feel much healthier.By making a little change in a daily habit you actually transform yourself into something better and evolution as well as progress is the name of the game. :star_struck:


As early as 20 years old, I already had fatty liver. Maybe because on my college days I abuse my body by drinking too much and eating too much. Although I have no weight issues, I want to be fit still and my diet is one of my regimen. My motivation is not to go back to that hospital again and not to have fatty liver again. It’s kind of a pressure but for me its a motivation. I also just have my first child and I want to live longer and enjoy my time with my son. That’s what motivates me and wanted to control what I’m eating to bond with my family :slight_smile:


Some say that a diet can be anything we eat with certain controls, but a diet to lose weight, most of all I do it for health and not so much for aesthetics.


I’m on my senior year in college and I noticed I’m getting fatter day by day. I always wanted to be fit and healthy. And since I’m a medical student and we are studying a person’s health, I learned the bad effects of unhealthy living. So now I want to set an example and already started my diet! :blush:


What motivates me the most is to think that I am doing it for myself, not for others. I’m trying to become a better version of myself, and that gives me the strength to continue. We have to have a “why” whether in the diet or in life, and my “why” is myself.