What kind of foods do you eat daily?

For me, I go for oatmeal, cereal, egg, or sandwich (wheat bread) during breakfast. I also drink green tea daily ever since I started to want to lose weight. Whenever I’m craving for some chocolate, I go for 70% dark. Salmon or tuna sandwich or grilled chicken for lunch. Greens for dinner. Also apple or banana. My daily meal varies but that’s my typical food selection.

What about you? What kind of foods are consistent in your diet?


oh cool. here’s my typical diet.

  • i eat a lot of pizza but im trying hard to resist it now.
  • for fruits, i eat apples and strawberries almost on a daily basis.
  • greens - lettuce, cabbage, kale
  • peanut butter and sandwich
  • coffee and milk
  • chicken
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before, i ate a lot. and i mean a LOT. it was hard cutting down the calories but now i typically eat white bread or brown rice in the morning with eggs and cheese. sometimes i eat a strip of bacon. tuna goes well with anything breakfast imo lol i drink skim milk every day, salad and fruits during supper.

Cooked meals are healthy and sometimes you don’t even have to count calories. I used to eat 3 times per day, but 2 of my meals were sandwiches or other unhealthy snacks. Now I eat a sandwich sometimes during noon and a cooked meal during the evening. They may include pasta or potatoes or even green beans, as well as pork meat sometimes. Even so, I didn’t gain any weight anymore even if I ate something sweet or had a soda. I tend to eat spicy foods, so that might help.

I can’t lay off bread, but I don’t necessarily feel the need to eat fast food. I just like bread and I tend to eat it with every meal. I think that’s my weakness. Other than that, I eat salads, eggs, veggies and sadly no fruits. I’m not a fan of fruits.

I go with apple and green tea.

Those are really healthy choices. Do you have a weight problem?

My typical meal includes meat, chicken, sea foods, fish, vegetables and fruits. I don’t consumed preservative foods. I rarely eat sweets and carbonated drinks since I’m a diabetic.Thou, I’m careful with the food I take but I also cheat. I can’t resist on pizza, lasagna, and macaroni salad. This food makes me happy. This doesn’t worry me since I do regular exercise like walking everyday.

My typical day starts with just bread. I usually don’t eat at breakfast. Lunch would be fish, fried. Rice is always a staple, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. I eat whatever I ate during lunch for dinner. This not a very healthy diet I admit. In between meals I sometimes eat fruit as a snack.

I am currently in a diet where all I eat is Avocado, apple and peanut well unless it’s sunday(which is my cheat day) then I can eat whatever I want.

I will give you an example of an average day’s meals so you can get some perspective.(Keep in mind that this is a workout associated meal plan)]

Breakfast : either two eggs with a banana or an oatmeal that contains : almonds and walnuts (crushed as powder), a spoon of honey , a spoon of peanut-butter, a banana (sliced and “smoothed” with a spoon) and a little water (you can use milk, but I don’t drink it myself). Optionally you can add a little bit of cocoa for flavor.

snack : If i am able , I will eat a fruit, like an apple or an orange or a toast with cheese and a smoked turkey slice if i am hungry.

Lunch : For lunch think 3 basic ideas. You need protein , carbs and some vegetables. As a basic guide line , for protein I eat meat (probably chicken or fish) or beans. For carbs either rice,potatoes,sweet potatoes,maybe pasta but i tend to avoid bread. For vegetables you can try different variations each day , so you can cover many vitamins and nutrients with your diet. (for fats , they are either covered with the meat or the nuts and almonds)

Snack 2 : This is optional for me , but some days (leg days for example) I am really hungry from either working out or work. Maybe an egg or a toast or a fruit as a lighter choice.

Dinner : At dinner most of the times i eat either the same with this day’s lunch or something lighter like a salad with some tuna. If i don’t feel like eating too much i will finish the day with some yogurt with honey and walnuts mixed (it’s delicious) :sunglasses:

Also , about coffee I try to minimize how much i drink of it because i don’t like the dependency. So I will have one a day at most if I need to study.

I have a cheat day at Saturday , when i eat whatever i want. I don’t eat sweets as a daily habit , or almost any for that matter.

Bread is a great option. Then we can mix it up with some greens like lettuce, spinach, kale. We can also put a little protein like chicken or fish. Then we can finish it with some eggs and have some drinks like lemon juice with honey.