Weight Loss: Here Are 3 Facts About Metabolism You Didn't Know

  1. There are 3 kinds of metabolic processes

This may be a surprise to most people but metabolism is not one simple process. It is divided into 3 processes. These three types of metabolic processes take place for different functions. Here are the 3 processes:

  • Energy spent on basic body functions is the most amount of energy spent also known as basal metabolic rate.
  • Energy is spent to break down food. this requires the least amount of energy of the three.
  • Energy spent when partaking in physical activities.
  1. You need to focus on basal metabolic rate (BMR)

As discussed above, the basal metabolic process burns most of our energy through basic body functions. This means your BMR is the energy used to stay alive. Improving your BMR influences the majority of your metabolism. Better BMR will help you lose weight even if at times you are not working out.

  1. Protein boosts metabolism

Eating a high-protein diet is encouraged when trying to lose weight or trying gain muscle. Digesting food helps burn calories as we mentioned above. Protein helps increase calorie burn and also increases metabolic rate. However, you need to consume protein regularly as the body can’t store it for later.
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