Toast and butter soft

You won’t believe it I found one that worked for me I was 130 kg 128 kg I seen for sure. I know I wasn’t 200 kg but it will work I bet. I just got toast and butter soft more often because I realised that the weight of food is so much more compared to butter soft . Two toast is what 30 grams . And the butter on top is maybe same included . Plus or minus. I worked out that 650 grams for a loaf of bread and 375 grams in the whole tub of butter soft spreadable butter . Thats near a killogram ONLY . ( this is key big boys and girls IV DONE IT YOU CAN TOO.) Il tell more when it started shrinking my stomach inside feelings then I started pissing out all the liquids then the weight started shreading off and also the number twos on the loo something magnificent just continues to happen . And it takes time but it works and don’t even need heaps of exercise unjust done my normal walks and not much truthfully . It’s just THE FACT I ATE LESS WEIGHT THEN I WON NOW IM 100 KG AND GOING TO GET BACK TO MY NORMAL WEIGHT OF 85 Kg soon . I STILL HAD NORMAL FEEDS A FEW TIMES A WEEK BUT NOT AS BIG SOMETIMES BIG BUT NO BIG DEAL. I EVEN GOT BACK TO EATING WHEN I GOT TO 100 BECAUSE I LULLED IT OFF OT WORKED . I WAS FAT FOR 8 YEARS SO I PULLED IT OFF YOU CAN TOO. TOAST RULES . DONT NEED HEAPS YOUL WORK IT OUT .