Short time-more fat burn?

Is this really possible?
Yes, it is possible, but if you try your best to follow the techniques and tips I have given you
So before we get started, let me tell you how our body works. We need energy to move from day to day. That energy comes from the food we eat. Well, the question is, how much energy do we need each day? I’ll tell you later. Let’s go back. If you eat exactly the amount of energy your body needs, your body will not have more fat. If you eat more energy than you need, that extra fat will take up space between muscle and skin. This is the reason why you get fat.
Well, remember, diet is 70% important and exercise is only 30% important in the weight loss process, and patience is needed to lose weight. If you practice the rules and regulations properly, you can lose a maximum of 20lb in a month. If you train with the wrong techniques, you will burn not only fat but also muscle and water, which is not good for you.
In below, i will give you some ways to measure body fat, ways to do fat burning exercise without equipments plus some tips to help you warm up and stretch before and after exercise.
I hope you will get something from this topic.
Next time, I’ll come back with a more specific workout plan and diet plan