Need to know more about weight watchers diet

I stumbled upon this article. does this diet really let you eat whatever you want? the sub is $20/month. is this online thing worth the 20 bucks? a few friends of mine also want to try so we’re collectively deciding. any input or insight about this would be helpful. thanks.

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There’s no diet that lets you eat whatever you want. Maybe on a cheat day or maybe how much you want from a certain category of foods. If you think coaching will help you, I don’t think $20 per month is a high price to pay. However, a low carb diet with no sugar will definitely work on anyone. It won’t bring overnight change, but it will bring results. Sugar is only good as a body scrub haha.

I looked more into this diet and they don’t set restrictions to food, but every food has point values. One cannot eat more than a certain amount of corespondent points per day, depending on how many pounds they want to lose and other characteristics. Basically, if you eat pasta, you might not be able to eat anything else during that day. In fact, the emphasis is on fruits and vegetables, as well as proteins.

Every diet has a system that limits your calorie intake. The less you eat, the more you’ll lose weight. Things are pretty simple. However, you have to think in terms of maintenance. If you can’t maintain your weight, then your effort is useless.