How to lose weight after menopause



Weight gain after menopause is a growing concern among most women who are more than worried to get rid of these extra pounds that have come up from nowhere and all of a sudden making them look uglier and obese. If you are post-menopausal and have experienced weight gain recently than you maybe someone who must be looking to fight that stubborn fat on the belly.

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Trimming down a little in order to fit in your favorite outfits, even if the same have to take place after menopause is something that almost every woman dreams about. The one area that is most prone to show weight gain after menopause is the tummy or the abdominal area. Working a little harder than usual, is required to get freedom from this sudden weight gain that has left you make and look tired and clumsy, much older than you actually are now.

Blaming the hormones isn’t a solution rather than fighting off the weight must be your virtue here. Most women often think that the decreasing levels of estrogen is the culprit but remember that there are many factors that contribute significantly to the weight gain entailing the food choices and the decreased level of activity.

What strictly needs check is emptying those glasses of those high-calories alcoholic beverages, which you so fond about. Also drinking plenty of water and in fact replacing all those caffeine rich drinks with this universal solvent can help you lose that extra weight and even burn the stored one easily and quickly.

Also exercising regularly to build up the lost muscles that are a usual process of aging can prove of great help in all those women seeking for post-menopausal weight loss techniques. Never try to starve yourself for this will not help in anyway but rather will create more problems and health complications in your body.

Don’t think of over stuffing your body, watching for the portions you put in your body is what you must look for. Eat healthy rather than not eating at all, for your body requires food to work efficiently and to carry out the normal process aptly.

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All in all, weight gain can happen any time in life and after the menopause its just one more time. So, to get back on the weight scale keep you busy and occupied for an empty mind is sure way to gobble food unnecessarily. Rest, eat healthy, exercise and get those pounds easily melted away from you to get back a healthier you for now and ever.


Great Post Jessica!!! Weight gain after menopause is a common problem that is seen in most of the women.

And as you said blaming the hormones is not a solution, Right I totally agree with you. At this stage you need to become more curious about your health, eating habits, daily routine to avoid adding extra weight.

You need to make little changes in your daily routine to cut down extra calories and weight. Become more smart about your health, exercise daily, drink plenty of water, avoid stress, take a good 6-8 hours sleep and many other small changes will help you to lose weight after menopause.

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