How drinking water is very very helpful for weight loss



Water is life! Nothing live without water.

In Weight loss, Drinking water is the Second important thing after dieting. Having a lot’s of water will help you to reduce the amount of fats in your body.

Water helps as a medicine to prevent your body against diseases. It hydrates your body and helps it work efficiently. It speeds up your metabolic rate which helps you to lose weight by burning more calories. 8 to 10 glasses of water is a necessity for a day.

This Will Help You : 11 Benefits of drinking water to lose weight

Don’t drink only when you are thirsty, always have a bottle of water in your hand when you are walking, when you are watching the tv…

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It’s amazing how many times I’ve thought I was hungry (and felt like snacking on allllll the bad things!) and then once I had a decent sized glass of water those feelings went away. I try and make sure I’ve always got a filled water bottle on my desk at work, and I’m constantly sipping throughout the day. I try to ensure I’m always hydrated and that I never actually feel thirsty - it makes a huge difference to my eating habits, too!


Drinking water is very helpful for weight loss because the more water we drink the more salt we flash outside. Water also is good for our skin. When we drink lots of water we feel that we are already full. I stop drinking flavored water,soda and juices. I drink more on water, green tea and coffee with creamer without sugar.


I have fasted for two days straight drinking only water. I agree that water is really useful in losing weight.

It was really tough the second day around. You’ll really crave for food. However, I felt refreshed the third day. Like I wasn’t bloated anymore. My mood was generally better and I felt like I’ve really lost weight and that it’s not just a placebo. It also helped me with constipation. I guess the water acted like a natural laxative that flushed away the toxins in my body.


Drinking water is important during weight loss because it provides hydration without unwanted calories. Drinking non-caloric fluids like water before or with a meal can help a dieter feel full sooner. So in addition to not adding calories, drinking water may help replace or avoid unnecessary food calories found in snacks or extra servings at mealtime. Drinking water also helps flush wastes from the body, which is especially important during times of fat metabolism and weight loss.


Drinking a lot of water is really a helpful tool to loss some weight since I also observe it when I gained some weight before and I was planning to reduced it. I was finding any means to lose my weight but I was not able to find first those that would fit on my interest since I only have a limited time because I am working day and night and here it comes the idea of drinking water that could provide us some convenience because we will not make some so much physical work in order just to lose some weight. I have tried that method before and I could really say that it is very safe and effective, but we just need to have some patience since the weight loss cannot be achieve in an instant because it will really take some time.


That’s right I agree with you Sir Mark. Water as well is the cheapest and the most practical way to get fit and to get a slimmer body. This is a safer way of losing weight and is the most available source in your area. I always see to it to drink more water than other colored drinks and to get the target of 8 -12 glasses a day. Water also cleanses the body toxins in your body that can also help in losing weight.


Drinking water is very helpful to weight lost, since it will flush a lots of waste and sometimes when you drink water before you eat, you’re body will feel full even if you have only eaten a little bites.


We humans having evolved from small organisms in the water and actually being a good 65-70 % water ourselves , we need it for our most basic bodily functions. Nowadays , most people tend to be borderline dehydrated because they forget to drink water. This lack of water is expressed most of the time as tiredness by the body ,so most people will stuff themselves with foods like sugar and bad carbs along with coffee in an attempt to “fix” that situation.

That is a big mistake , as coffee is dehydrating you actually and also bad carbs make you crash later from energy depletion. So before anything else , try drinking about two bottles of water a day (and i mean the 1.5 liter ones) consistently and I assure you you will feel much better (provided you have no underlying medical issues.)

Also as Amelia previously noted

Feeling thirsty is similar to feeling hungry and often our brain confuses being thirsty with being hungry. So the next time you feel hungry , even after you’ve just eaten , drink a glass of water. Also as a last remark , drinking enough water invigorates you (also boosts your metabolism) and actually helps your body to work correctly so you can be more active during the day. :sunglasses: