Hiking Or Jogging


Which one do you prefer that will certainly loss weight and burn fats quickly and immediately,
Go hiking or jog?


Hiking is great to diversify jogging a little, but might put more pressure on your calves. Jogging increases your heart rate a lot, which makes your body burn fats. I can’t say the same about hiking.


I like to do long distance walk in the morning. It gives me the feeling of relaxation while doing my exercise. It is one of the good cardio exercise as it burn calories easy without any harm. Thou, I like to jog but it makes my legs in pain.


Although I love to go hiking on most of my weekends, for the daily exercise I prefer to do jogging. it is always great to go hiking in the morning but it may not be possible for some of us as there are may not be hiking locations nearby where one can be able to go regularly. jogging, on the other hand, can be done anywhere. if you don’t have time one can also do some jogging on their treadmill as a last option but it always good to go outdoors for jogging early in the morning.


I am practicing both and I can say that jog burn fats faster than usual running, still, there must be associated with a diet with running or jogging to burn fats in a fast way.


Jogging has always worked for me. Before now I have been thinking of an easy activity that I could do loss weight and I tried several options but it was boring to me. So I decided to try jogging. Initially I was doing it alone but now I do it with some friends which makes it fun.


I prefer Hiking, I really love hiking ever since, so I choose hiking over jogging because I enjoy hiking so much.


I opt for Hiking, it’s like low impact, but it helps a lot to build stronger muscles. Slow and deep breathing fresh air will make you crave for hiking more, because it’s so refreshing. It’s good for your body and mind. The downside of hiking is that it require planning in advance, and will take more time. So better let it be your weekend activity. For jogging, I don’t really like it, because I better run on treadmill rather than jog.


I just do jogging since it’s more convenient and doesn’t really require too much time for travel and preparation. But I always wanted to do hiking because I think it would be a great and fun way to burn fats and you are also challenged to push yourself.


I prefer Hiking, i enjoy hiking so much. I do it with my group of friends and every hiking that we do was very memorable.