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Weight gain in early adult life linked to increased risk of obesity has become a global pandemic with the United States leading the pack as the fattest whopping 55 percent of Americans are heavy enough to seriously endanger their health and shorten their lives this is a time bomb it is an epidemic there is no better definition of the current situation and the social repercussions of obesity can also be devastating when you walk down an airplane people look at you and you know there think god I hope that guy doesn’t sit next to me are you just sensing I’ve done slimfast I’ve done Weight Watchers you name it you name it I’ve done it and it’s not only a grown-up problem childhood obesity is up 54% in 6 to 11 year-olds and 25% of all children in the US are now considered obese the longer a child is overweight the more likely they are to have permanent weight problems from the adults the problem of pediatric obesity goes across all lines all ethnic backgrounds but obesity can be conquered through innovative surgery radical lifestyle modification and childhood intervention therapies find out how two adults and two children fight to lose weight and lead longer happier lives in obesity a deadly risk [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] obesity has become a matter of life and death killing half a million Americans every year this is an epidemic and unless we got to control over this it’s not gonna get better what’s more the social stigma of obesity often leaves lasting emotional scars personal and professional people do react differently with my size I’ve been out on a couple of job interviews and I think that the weight is an issue obese people get lower paying jobs they marry lower down the socio-economic scale and time after time you see this kind of bias I deal with a lot of professional people and some people could say as a consultant here this guy’s trying to give me advice but he can’t get his life going MORE LINK DETAIL HERE