Avoid online fraud

1.Keep your financial details safe ---- Before you buy anything online, make a note of the address, telephone number and any other contact details of the company or seller that you’re buying from. Don’t rely only on an email address.f you’re unsure about a company or seller being trustworthy: * stick with trusted companies and brands that have a strong reputation. * or search for reviews online

2. Always use secure sites ---- If a site is secure it will have ‘https’ in the web address. This shows that the company has been independently checked to make sure they are who they say they are.A yellow padlock symbol in the browser window shows the payment process is secure.

3. More tips ---- * never give your passwords, PIN numbers or bank account numbers -legitimate companies and banks will never ask you for these details by email or over the phone, * if out and about and buying online, use data provided by your network provider and not public Wi-Fi as some hotspots may not be secure, * use credit cards and secure payment services instead of debit cards.

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