700 Calories Burned On Treadmill

I have been using the treadmill in the gym for quite sometime now. At first I was gearing to do 500 calories and then that would be it.

Now I have decided to switch my mind and try to reach 5km on the treadmill.

Im now reaching 5km on the treadmill, which takes me around 40-45mins , which shows the calories burned of around 700-730 , on a speed of around 7-7.3

This is me fast walking (I am not running)

If I go to my flat and eat, lets say x4 pieces of chicken thighs, x3 avocados, brocolli and lets say that is around 900 calories… Will I put on weight…? I always thought I wouldnt put weight on as the food is ‘healthy’ and this type of food will ‘lean me out’…

I look forward to all advices and help

Hey, I need your help regarding gyms. I’m on a journey to get in shape and build a healthier lifestyle, and I’ve been wondering about the ideal gym frequency. I’m sure many of you have pondered this too!

I’ve heard conflicting advice - some say daily, while others swear by 3-4 times a week. It’s quite confusing! I believe it depends on individual goals, but I’d love to hear your experiences and insights.

What factors should I consider when deciding how often to hit the gym? How often should you go to the gym? How do your workout goals affect your frequency? Any tips for balancing rest days? And how do you prevent burnout?